Born in California, grew up all over the Mid-West and deep south, I’m a wayfaring soul with major nerdy tendencies. Hey there, you can call me Stephanie, or Steph for short.

I currently live in Metro Detroit, Michigan, and happen to be in my mid-twenties. I work in advertising for an awesome start-up called Coupon Wallet, I’ve been a freelance writer and content marketer for the last five years under the name Writerary, and I used to be a code monkey and design diva back in the day. Y’know, when we all thought Dreamweaver was going to be the next big thing. I’ve since updated my coding skills, though!

The first time I knew I was going to be a nerd for life was when I watched Power Rangers and became obsessed. It only grew from there. I became a book nerd, a writing nerd, a video-game nerd, a pop culture nerd. The Internet, back in its day of dial-up, was where I grew up and now I fully embrace my nerd girl lifestyle.

On the flip side, I also love makeup, trying out new fashion, doing my nails, and essentially being a girly-girl princess fairy. Combining the culture of nerdom with the lifestyle of a girly-girl should be celebrated, embraced, and shared with others. And that’s where Nerd Allure comes in.

On top of writing here myself, I also welcome guest contributors and you can pitch blog topics you'd like to see covered on here. Simply just email me at stephymercedes@gmail.com.

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