Monday, March 17, 2014

Nerd Allure Is Changing Names & URLs!

Spring cleaning! It's one of my favorite things to do--honestly, it really is. New Year Resolutions, while a nice idea in theory, never really seem to stick for me because I'm still in hibernation winter mode and don't want to get stuff done. But then spring starts coming around and I get into motivation mode and suddenly want to accomplish goals. Are you the same way?

Last week I said I would be changing the name of my blog and at the time had a total brain fart. I completely forgot about Bloglovin'. I have to contact Bloglovin' support to tell them to move everything to the new URL for me since you can't do that yourself on there (I understand the reasoning, but it's still sort of a pain). But in order to do that properly, I'll have to move my blog to a new URL altogether.

So, yeah, Nerd Allure will be changing names and web addresses! Like I mentioned in a previous post, my blog is going to be called Nerdjoy. The first name was more of a "placeholder" until I found something wittier, but, I just started blogging anyway and now here we are. Sorry about that. x_x

I'm still tweaking some things on the new site, but all of the content and comments were moved over successfully. Everything else should transition over smoothly, but if there are any hiccups, I'll say so on Twitter.

Also, GFC friends -- you'll have to resubscribe to the new URL. I'm sorry about that as I know that can be a pain. But, I'll be keeping up this blog as a bookmark reminder!

Thank you for bearing with this name change! I promise it'll be the only one since I'm much happier with this new name. :)